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There were times when I was younger when I would dream of meeting the right man and getting married. I was never a girly girl (I left that to my two other sisters) but had an idea, I imagine as most girls do when they are young, of getting married in a church with all my family there. Now, I'm not a religious person so would not consider getting married in a church as part of a religious ceremony so I'm getting married in a hotel in a civil ceremony.

I met Neil through online dating and we clicked instantly. It very quickly turned to love and after 17 months of being together, he proposed whilst on a boat trip to the island of Comino in Malta and set a date of 20th June 2015 (just over 2 years later). The photo below I took of Neil in Comino less than 1 minute before he proposed to me. I was completely unaware of the ring box in his pocket, which he was hiding with his manbag.

Back to the subject of this page, the one thing I had never invisioned, was what my wedding dress should look like. In my early 20s, I took a liking to corsets and so from then on said, if I ever got married, it would be in a corset dress. By the time I got engaged, I had shed a lot of weight, and after the trip to Malta, set looking for wedding dresses.

Now, I have NEVER been one for spending a lot of money on clothes, let alone hundreds or thousands on a dress that I was only going to wear for one day. So I set about trawling the internet for possible cheap options. I saw lots of lovely looking dresses on chinese websites but did my research and saw more bad reviews than good and thought it wasn't worth the risk. I did check eBay for UK only sellers and came across a gorgeous size 12 wedding gown by Enzoani. Needless to say, I bought the dress for GBP150, tried it on and was still a bit too big to fit into it. I for one am not in proportion so I think I would have struggled for it to fit properly anyway as it has a zip back and is not adjustable in any way.

A few months later I changed my tactics for my health and right royally screwed it up, didn't follow it properly, was impatient and gave up and put on a few kilos in weight. Thought about getting back into running and injured myself thus piling on several more kilos. So, I tried Slimming World, Calorie Counting and now resided myself to the fact that I am going to have to buy a new wedding dress. I had a few in mind from a store called Bertex Bride in Croydon. I was also not going to spend much on a dress as I still stand by the fact that I don't believe in spending stupid amounts of money on a dress for one day.

These are a few from the shop that I was interested in........

....and I didn't buy any of them!!!

They managed to have 2 of the three I was looking at in store but not that would fit me. The majority of the dresses in there were marked up size 14. I thought, well I'm a size UK14 but they won't fit me as I have a big chest so figure I am a size 16 in chest. Anyway, they suggested trying on some size 18s and they wouldn't do up, even with lace up backs! The one dress I did find that managed to fit was a size 22! To any girl looking at wedding dresses, DO NOT....I REPEAT...DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION TO THE SIZE! Whatever fits, fits and it does in NO WAY mean you are that size.

Of course you are now wondering what the dress was that I chose. Unfortunately, until such time as the ceremony has passed, I cannot divulge on the site here as the hubby-to-be is hosting this via his Raspberry Pi and the risk of him finding out about the dress either accidentally or on purpose would be all too easy.